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're in recess for another week or ten days. t there's no indication that the obama white house is asking them to come back into session. there's no guarantee in the house of representatives they would get a vote of confidence for a strike. there's significant skepticism. let's see how powerful this report they will be leasing. that could influence some of the people out there in congress. right now there's a lot of people saying hold off. >> congress is not in session until september 9th. they've been active already. some members of congress brie d ed on a white house conference call. congress wants a debate. they want the president to see authorization and they ain't going to get it, are they? >> no, they're not. if the president called back congress, there's the possibilities they would vote against him. i don't think he's very much interested in doing that. i think all of this is so much the overhang from the involvement in iraq. i think there's a feel, not necessarily about whether the united states can prove that assad has these chemical weapons. i think it's pretty clear that they feel
is in our long time national interest. >> egypt, syria and afghanistan, president obama sitting down with for a one-on-one interview to discuss all of it. >>> chaos on the street. we'll get a live report from tripoli. >> an american kidnapped and tortured by al qaeda tells us the story of his escape. >>> welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm ivan watson. >> tensions are rising in the middle east have two huge explosions. an israeli military strike inside lebanese territory. >> israel says it was a terror site and ordered the strike in direct response to yesterday's rocket attack on israel. >> arwa damon is joining us. we're going to get to the israeli strike in a moment. first, you're in tripoli. these are the two massive explosions that happened earlier today. you can see the moment of impact in the video that we're going to play this for you right there. what have we learned about those two attacks and who's behind them. there's that shot. >> reporter: that's some pretty dramatic video. we're standing in front of the mosque where that took place. you can see t
if president obama orders attacks on syria. that's according to chuck hagel. we'll look at the military options straight ahead. >>> political scandal in brazil forces the minister to resign. we'll tell you why it's latin america's version of edward snowden. >>> would you pay extra to make sure no kids sit next to you on plane. another airline giving you that option. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm richard quest. >> the u.s. military is waiting for the go ahead from the president. it could happen at any moment. what we're not seeing today is inspections of the areas where hundreds of syrians were allegedly gassed to death. u.n. experts were prepared to visit second neighborhood. >> that was until the u.s. chief was seen leaving their hotel in damascus earlier today. they were not wearing their protective gear and were not joined by other members of the team. syria's government cancelled the inspections because of security concerns. remember, the teams on the scene yesterday even after their convoy was fired upon by snipers. the experts worry chemical evidence have already dissipated since last week
is the timetable here? we know president obama is going to be headed to the g20 summit in st. petersburg and cameron as well involved in those discussions. is there a definitive timetable where they see a window to strike or could this be put off for weeks perhaps? >> there is no definitive timetable, but what we do know is that for many lawmakers it is dependent on what the u.n. inspectors say and they will be leaving on saturday. does that mean we're going to have a definitive answer on saturday? really it is up to the u.n. nop orz, what evidence they gathered and when they're ready to present that evidence. that's what it really hinges on. at least in terms of britain's involvement. >> thank you so much. richard, interestingly enough, it was the former prime minister tony blair who got a lot of flack as you know for supporting the iraq war and president bush being called bush's poodle and i imagine there is some public opinion that fits into all of this as well. how does he come out on top of all of this? >> time and again there was huge discussion, listening to toads to the debate in
. a republican senator has a message for president obama. it's time to get tough with russia. the strained relations have taken a turn for the worst. john mccain thinks president obama is under estimating russian president clad mirrvlad. he said he compared him to a board kid in school. >> the president comparing him to a kid in the back of the classroom is very indicative of the president's lack of appreciation of who vladmir putin is. he's an old kgb colonel that has no illusion about our relationship. does not care about the relationship with the united states and continues to oppress his people and the media and act in an unhelpful fashion. >> president obama cancelled a one-on-one meeting with putin but mccain says that's not enough. by granting asylum to edward snowden he's poked his if you think finger in obama's guy. >> president obama says he opposes any boycott of the winter olympics because of russia's new law against gay propaganda. the law has exposed a deep divide over day rights in russia. >> olympic officials says russia has assured them the law won't apply to visitors but
of the muslim brotherhood from protesting over the weekend. president obama is now under pressure from some to cut off u.s. military aid to egypt all together. it could create a whole new set of problems. we want to talk with a middle east expert later this hour about the difficulty u.s. is facing. >>> u.n. inspectors are in sir y now. the war has been going on for more than two years. in june syrian forces crossed a red line by using a chemical agent against rebel forces. >>> now to the eastern india where express train slammed into a crowd killing at least 28 people. look that the. unbelievable video. you'll see the smoke billowing. many of the victims hindu pilgri pilgrims. they were getting off a local train when the extresz train just hit them. railway officials say those who saw the accident are furious. they set the express train on fire and beat the driver as well. >>> here is more of what we're working on for around the world. new allegations full of conspiracy theories about the death of princess diana and the car crash that killed her. british special forces were directly involve
are building a military coalition. president obama has the support of britain and france. they have signaled they would join in a military intervention against syrian government forces. syria remains defiant. its prime minister says western nations are fabricating scenarios and coming up with false alibis to justify military intervention. >> we want to bring you inside of syria now. cnn is the only network broadcasting live from damascus, giving you a view of the crisis like nobody else can. >> fred joins us from the syrian capital. we are seeing obviously the u.s., the british, and the french. the syrian foreign minister is saying they have the materials to defend themselves and surprise others. so how is it now being viewed from where you are? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, richard, because i was just out and about town in damascus. on the face of it, a lot of people will tell you they're not afraid for their safety. they will tell you it was not their regime that used chemical weapons. they are stockpiling things like canned foods and dried foods thinking some sort of war might have
.s. and russia now. >> president obama likely to face a few questions about the strained relations when we gives that news conference we just mentioned this afternoon. just this week the president cancelled a one-on-one meeting with president putin ahead of the g-8 summit that takes place next month. >> russia's decision to grant asylum to edward snowden was a major factor. a lot of things we're dealing with. i want to bring fran townsend into the mix. one of the thing s i remember cn covering president obama. it was the russian equivalent of camp david. putin would not look at him. he would not face him eye to yies. an obama advisor said obama sat there for more than an hour just listening to putin vent. the two of them are not going to get together. he's not going to listen to him. >> as you're leading suggested there's been for over a year and a half -- there's the iranian nuclear program. there's the boston bombings duo information. the russians have passed information to the fbi and were criticized after the boston bombing for not having followed up. it might have allowed the fbi to do disr
there -- >> that was president obama just days ago assuring the american public that the gnanational security agency was not breeching the trust of its citizens. a new report may raise concerns. after combing through the documents leaked by edward snowden, the post reports that the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of times each year since 2008. the postsays most of the incidents involve surveillance of americans and foreign intelligence targets on u.s. soil in ways that violate the program's rule. of those incidents the post reports most were unintended. an area code mix up caused the nsa to intercept a large number of calls from washington, d.c. instead of from egypt. the nsa response was quick. overnight the agency released a pointed statement. nsa's foreign intelligence a activities are audited. when nsa makes a mistake in carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports the mission internally and to federal overserious and gets to the bottom of it. >> dan, with me not far from where president obama is vacations. can we expect to hear more from the president about anymore s
against egypt. the obama administration decides to with hold some aid for now. >>> i don't know. >> all right. they are the hottest boy band on the planet. we're live from london with the premier of one direction the movie. welcome to "around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm ivan watson filling in for michael holmes. i believe he's in italy now. >> having a good time without us. the obama administration not ready to call the overthrew a coup. the military has been brutally cracking down on morsi supporters over the last week. the u.s. is now with holding some aid to egypt's military. gets more than 1.2 billion dollar, our tax dollars and we're told the money is not being permanently halted. i want to bring in jill dougherty to explain, what is the difference. this is not permanent but temporary to allow the administration not necessarily agree or say it's a coup but almost act as if it is. >> you can see the problems here. it's not very well define and a lot of that is deliberate. the administration wants to send messages and be prepared to do something more because there's a lo
almost exactly one year after president obama warned that any such attack would trigger american intervention and he called the use of chemical weapons this red line. this morning senator john mccain told cnn the u.s. needs to hit syrian air fields and planes as well. >> it is obvious from the pictures when you see the dead bodies of children and women and others stacked up and the fact is it is already established that he has used it before, so as i said, it shouldn't surprise us when we use it again. it is horrific, and outrageous and the president a year ago said they would be -- if they crossed a red line there would be response. we know now of course that they have already used it. i am sure and confident that they are used it again, and that we use it again unless they are rained in and prevented from doing so. >> and you know, ivan, what is so difficult about this is fred was saying they cannot determine first of all who is doing it on either side and don't really understand what exactly happened yet. that is something the obama administration is trying to figure out. befo
. and it is a crucial u.s. ally that is now commenting by way of its leader. we're talking about president obama now responding. >> yeah. the day after all that violence, i mean, we can say relative calm because it is a very tense day after the carnage and gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> u.s. facing a real dilemma over how to respond to the crisis in egypt. just a short time ago president obama said egypt is on a dangerous path. >> yeah, he said the u.s. is canceling joint military exercises scheduled next month. those exercises take every two years and due to start next month. he also called for an end to the bloodshed. >> and to the egyptian people, let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to go so peacefully and condemn the attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. we believe the state of emergency should be lifted, that a process of national reconciliation should begin. >> the crisis in egypt being compared to a hornet's nest. the u.s. trying no
to egypt to meet with leaders. they're making this trip at president obama's request. supporters have been camping out for weeks in cairo. you're looking at pictures there. the military backed interim government is threatening to clear the streets of morsi's supporters. morsi was removed from power just last month by the egyptian military and he was egypt's first democratly elected president. since he was toppled there's been fighting on the streets. egypt a critical u.s. ally in the middle east. >>> we are now following another big story. we're waiting official word about the fate of alex rodriguez. major league baseball has been quiet now but it's expected a suspension of the yankee's star. he's accused of taking performance enhancing drugs. an announcement could come any moment now. we're keeping a good eye on that. some are saying a-rod could be out until 2015. let's talk about how this could all unfold. you could have three different things happening today. he gets suspend, appeals, making his yankees debut for the season tonight. what do we think is going to happen? what do we think
cain traveled to cairo at the request of president obama. the obama administration has not called the overthrow a coup. morsi was the first democratly elected president. his removal setting off huge protests in the streets of cairo. while there in egypt they plant with leaders. he's determined to resolve dispute. >> he's ready for his words were serious and substantial negotiations. he does say the u.s. must demonstrate good will and in his words not hide a secret agenda. >> we are for negotiations and int interactions. we are prepared seriously and without wasting any time to enter negotiations which are serious and substantive with the other sides. >> the real question is this an olive branch. the obama administration could be listening carefully. >> it's the religious leader who has the power in iran. >>> it has all the ingredients like a movie, like a classic heist movie. >> i still say it was you. >> i got enough bling already. >> fancy hotel. thieves making off with $136 million worth of jewels belonging to a billionaire. >> where are they? lloyds of london would like to know. they're th
another person. >>> president obama cancelled with russian president putin. who this could mean for u.s.-russian relations. >>> welcome to "around the world." >> good to have you here. thanks for your company today. he has strange relationsined relations between the u.s. and russia. edward snowden, russia granting temporary asylum. >> the white house announced president obama will not meet with president putin in september. jill joins us live from the state department. how badly has this relationship deteriorated? >> if you look at the statement coming out of white house announcing this postponement it's bad. they not only mentioned snowden but they mentioned, the entire relationship. given our lack of progress they say and then they list all of these issues missile defense, arms control, trade security issues human rights civil society, et cetera. it's really an indictment of the relationship and very interesting in the way they mention without using his name putin because they say there was progress when putin wasn't president. now we're having all these proble
, the president, president obama, the leadership of yemen in terms of trying to rein this in in terms of both companies cooperating. >> the leadership of the u.s., the leadership yemen has been very clear in that they're cooperating and trying to vanish al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they have been concentrating on this the last several years. now we have seen in the last week yemen's president how he went to the white house and he met with president obama. they both stated their intention to continue these counter terror measures and in the last couple of days there has been what appears to be a rift develop between the relationship because after the u.s. and britain announced they were going to evacuate embassy personnel, you had the yemeni embassy in washington, d.c. sounding displeased about that saying this only serves the interest of extremists there, that this would under mine the counterterrorism measures that were being taken, so it will be interesting to see with this key partnership if it recovers and how this will develop over the coming days and weeks at a time when or and mo
to get the israelis to sit down at the table but the president using honey. it's because of the obama-netanyahu reset and kerry's relationship with netanyahu that the prime minister is coming to the table. one other reality. nobody wants to be blamed for the collapse of these negotiations. this is a tactic james baker useduse ed on the way to madrid. threatened, with all due to the respect to peta, to leave a dead cat on the door of everyone who didn't cooperate. if they're going to work then netanyahu will have to own them. kerry will have to be there mediating and probably at some point the president of the united states, if he wants to take the risk and wants this badly enough, is going to have to get involved personally as well. >> aaron david miller lathanks much. >> always a pleasure. >> click on cnn.com/opinion and read his piece. >> he knows the region well. >>> this massive typhoon we've been reporting on which is ripping through the south china s sea. it's battered the philippines. two people killed. thousands more homeless and there are plenty of missing people. >> reporter
is this coming from. how do you definitively con delude. that's something the obama administration when they drew the red line, keep moving the red line, they need evidence of where this is coming from. >> everybody seems to agree that the syrian government, the rebels, the u.s. government and even russia which supports the syrian government agree some chemical weapons have been used. it's whose using them. this has been going on for more than two years, this conflict. there's $1.9 million syrians that fled the country. that's 10% of the population. more than 100,000 people dead. it's a catastrophe over there. >>> we're following developments in egypt. a country in turmoil after a week of violence. an egyptian court ordinary ored the release of mubarak. >> he could be released tomorrow. he ruled egypt for three decades. he was forced from power during the 2011 revolution. he was kwinconvicted in the dea of protesters. he was granted a retrial after appealing. nick payton walsh is joining us from cairo. the court acquitted him but he still faces many more serious charges. mainly the murders of kil
demanding action and he's being critical of president obama. >> the president of the united states over a year ago said if bashar assad uses chemical weapons he's crossediing the li. we know he used them once and now here is a second time. if the united states stands by and doesn't take serious action, not just launching some cruise missiles then our credibility in the world is diminished even more if there's any left. >> a white house source tells cnn the president has range of options available. he's not considering boots on the ground and not a no-fly zone. all options remain on the table. >>> this is big news from amanda knox. she's not going to return to italy for retirial. that's according to a spokesman for the family. >> two years ago an appeals court acquitted her and her former boyfriend. they overturned the murder convictions from a lower court. she was clearly terrified about the possibility of having to face another trial. >> will you face the trial? will you go back? >> i don't know yet. it's a really complicated question. >> reporter: the answer turned out to be simple. n
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